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GM Eric Prié talks...

... responding IM Gary Lane's subscription from June

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IM Gary Lane was talking on Huebsch Gambit responding a reader's question and declaring GM Eric Prié's improvement as harmless. Look how GM Eric Prié did react...

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Re: The Huebsch Gambit (for GM Prie)
« Reply #12 on: 06/03/04 at 04:09:10 »
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Check out Lane's column for June:
where he answers Tommy Curry's letter.  Look at his evaluation of the position of after 12.Qe2!
It's hard to believe he even gave the diagram of the position with his assertion of equality. Even more surprising is how he casually dismisses Eric Prie's move. Well, maybe not...I mean after writing a book on the BDG, you've got a reputation to maintain.

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Re: The Huebsch Gambit (for GM Prie)
« Reply #13 on: 06/09/04 at 02:47:40 »
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This is one of the funniest chess hoax I have ever seen; thanX a lot!
Living in the fast, Lane who, unfortunately for him, does not have an eagle eye, a bit quickly, I think, commented the position after 12.Qe2 as "With equal chances"?
Supported by an ideally placed diagram, as spoted by X ?

Indeed, after a certain move (Clue: Think of a move attacking a pawn which cannot be defended) the position is bound to rapidly become more and more equal for Black!

This is the matter with people living in the past; remembrance of those good old times when you could play "romantic" openings, score points against reasonable opposition and even sell books on them.

Still, to witness the famous English author thinking deeper and deeper on the Huebsch 5.Bc4 is really a pity and I understand now how miserable must feel a BDG addict with such a support!

By the way, that short passage on this particular line makes me sink of the very beginning of the "Shrek 1" film where you could see a page of some old imaged fairytale book, with a smooth voice in the back, talking of magic and princess, exactly like in a Disney cartoon; but suddenly torn off at the sound of the flush while the green monster going out of the toilets, smiling.

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